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party in the back @hat9000

party in the back @hat9000

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ah i’m back at school & my headaches are getting worse but i made a dentist appointment which maybe will help cuz maybe it’s my wisdom teeth? also being around ppl makes it harder but i rly like my room & my roommate & boyfriend being here.

being stressed @ home cuz i don’t even live here & i have way too many clothes & books & records — just bein’ stressed about materialism rly.

identity freedom summer~*
i went to this freedom summer conference to learn things about the freedom summer & activism but then i learned & thought a lot about my identity & other things that are important to me & i got to think a lot about my family & i thought about how scared i am for my little brother driving a nice car & police killing black people & also about my sister having a baby in a few weeks who won’t even have an african name even tho her name & my name & my brothers names are 3/4ths african & also i saw all these beautiful black mamas with black babies & i thought about children i’ll have someday & how they might not be black & then i had this conversation with my mother about wanting your children to look like you & wanting to be able to relate to them & how she can’t because she’s white & this is a conversation we’ve never had before & just SO MANY THINGS okay